Empower Time
Empower Time SSM Pvt Ltd. (Upper floor) C/o Expert Mobile Solutions Gandhi ground market Near New Bus Stand
City : Kangra  -  Himachal Pradesh -  176047

1Read all Term and conditions carefully before submitting any Request or Payments to Empower Time SSM Pvt. Ltd. (Company).
2All User and Pin Point are bound to obey the terms and conditions at any cost.
3Empowertime (Company) have all full rights to Change/ Stop all or any Terms and conditions, Promotional incentive at any time without prior notice to any User, Pin Point or on Website.
4Each User and Pin Point must have to pay Top-up cost or Pin Point cost (Nonrefundable in any condition) before creating their panels.
5Empowertime (Company) have all full rights to reject the Request to create the User panel or Pin Point panel.
6Empowertime (Company) have all full rights to Block/ Change/ Transfer or Delete the User panel or Pin Point panel If he/she work for other competitive business activities.
7Once the panel is created, nobody can claim for any type of Refund or Cancellation. Nobody can claim for any type of Refund if the panels are Blocked / Changed / Deleted or Transferred by the company.
8All payments must be sent to Empowertime (Company) bank accounts through NEFT, Online transfer only. No cash or Cash transactions are allowed.
9All payment requests must be made through Payment request tab in User panel/ Pin Point panel between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (Mandatory).
10Payment request sent before 10:00 AM will clear after 3 hours. Payment request sent after 05:00 PM will be clear in next Working day after 10:00 AM.
11Each User and Pin Point must have to pay the Handling charges of bank, Payment gateway charges or Other charges if any.
12If charges not paid by user or Pin Point than it will be deduct from his/her funds.
13Each User and Pin Point must have to remember that all Commissions/Incentives are for Promotional purpose only.
14To earn promotional incentive each User and Pin Point must have to Promote and Bring new business (See Sales and Marketing Plan) for Company before payouts.
15To get paid each User and Pin Point must have to submit their complete Bank details along with IFSC code and PAN number in user panel/ Pin Point panel (Mandatory). All promotional incentives will put on hold until User or Pin Point update the correct details of Bank and PAN in his/her panel.
16Empowertime (Company) will deduct 5% as TDS and 5% for recharge wallet and 10% as admin charge from each promotional incentive.
17Negative promotion of Empowertime (Company) in any manner may lead User or Pin Point panel to get block or delete permanently.
18Misbehave with the staff of Empowertime (Company) personally, telephonically or in any manner may lead his/her panel get permanently blocked.
19All decision of Empowertime (Company) and its Management are final and not challengeable in any manner.
20If not satisfied with decisions of Empowertime (Company) all disputes are subject of Distt. Court of KANGRA H.P. only.
21Dated: 29 July 2021